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Upcoming Events at The Printhouse

Autumn is upon us along with cold mornings and rainy afternoons. September has already been and gone but with the changing temperature, we’re excited for a new rhythm of life as a new term of events bring some much needed warmth and colour to the dreary weather we’ve been graced with.

WorkSpaceFirst up, we have Space to Breathe back in later this month for another Work:Space Pop Up. More of these to come in November as well. Check out the dates for these here.


We’ve been delighted to welcome The Poetry Business to our space last month and they’ll be back for some more Poetry Writing Workshops in October, November, and December. More details of these events can be found here.

Grow_Logo_Strap-Line_LargeGrow have also back in The Printhouse as a new program starts and we’re enjoying all the plants that are decorating our office, bringing some life and colour to daily proceedings. Do check out Grow and what they are up to here.


Alongside some private events and local business events, we continue to welcome Carl of Network Chilli Sheffield into the venue to host several curry making workshops spicing things up a bit! Get in touch with Carl to find out more about what he does here.

So, things may have got a little dreary outside but here at The Printhouse, we’re just warming up for winter and looking forward to all the different seasonings that we have on our plate over the next few months!

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