COVID-19; A Chance To Unite

In amongst the social-media avalanche of COVID-19 posts, many, including myself, find themselves groping aimlessly in the interwoven waves of panic, hope, questions, disillusionment and endurance that have emerged in this state of global crisis.  

The Printhouse, being an advocate of creativity and community, applauds the widespread embrace of the online community spirit that has emerged as we are collectively being forced to return to the core values of society that are so easily lost in a busy, suffering world: Social care and presence.  

Socialcare and socialpresence are rediscovered when the world slows down, and the One is still and silent enough to truly see the Other…

One of the most powerful community platforms for the spread of care and the recognition of presence is social media. Looking back through its history, there is a loud overarching story of isolation, abuse, distraction, and self-centred or misguided attention. Until now, community has not shown its true power, purpose or endurance on this platform – but today we are telling a new story and speaking a new word I encourage you to engage with the world around you, using a platform that we have used our whole lives, in an entirely different way: truly see the Other.

Offer the precious present of your online presence, and see the world respond with its own beautiful offering. We can, and will, find the beauty in this time of suffering.

During this time, The Printhouse has been forced to effectively close for the next couple of months with the intention of reopening for events from June on-wards depending on the progression of our national situation (this will be reviewed by our team at the end of each month). Therefore, we will not be accepting any new bookings until June. We wish you all safety and well-being – physically, emotionally and spiritually – during this time.

Please take a moment to reflect on the poem below, written by local poet Sarah Appleton who offers a community blessing and reflection at this time:

May your life remain free from shadow,  

May your soul stay free to soar.  

May your heart yet see a glimmer 

Of hope in midst of storm. 

May you learn to rest in chaos  
May peace yet mark your days.  
May Spring embrace your doorstep,  
And in your household stay.  
May fear stay far behind you,  
May love now make its mark.  
May you find laughter still before you,  
To light to current dark. 
May the stars overhead ever guide you,  
May you always weather the storm.  
May the waves never overpower you,  
But lead you safely home. 

Follow more of Sarah’s work at  https://paintbrushandsword.home.blog/



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